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Where are you buying Ford parts during COVID-19?


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October 27, 2019
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2013 Explorer Sport
I finally have some time and money to fix the things on my 2013 Explorer and have begun hunting down parts. The problem is, I can't find anything in stock!

Here is what ive been looking to fix on my explorer:
1) Shifter Replacement - shift to park light is on all the time
2) Left Turbo - leaking oil and waste gate sticks open (boost leak)
3) Right Turbo - also leaking oil but not bad
4) Turbo gasket kit (cant find this anywhere)
5) Driver side door arm (the support stitching broke)

I have called Buy Auto Parts, Rock Auto, Quirk Parts, Tasca Parts (STAY AWAY), and even looked on the ford parts website. Everything item I need is on"back order".

I'm curious if anyone here works at a garage and how are you obtaining parts at this time?

Also, I know there are plenty of "chinese" knockoffs in stock and I am not looking to buy anything that is not a true Ford part at this time.