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Where can I buy just a Voltage Gauge Module?


January 8, 2012
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1994 Explorer
Mine brokadid.

^ For the Where's Waldo fans. :D

You may be able to simply repair it. On one of mine the oil pressure gauge (wired pretty much the same) would swing wildly back and forth. Cleaning the wiring connections fixed it, though I had to trace them all the way through the harness for that one. On another, the voltage gauge would stick like yours until I tapped on the cluster vigorously (loose connection). You should also be able to test the gauge by applying 12v to it.

Attached is wiring schematic for the instrument cluster. This plus a multimeter should help you fix your issue. Looks to me like you should be able to check surrounding circuits like the oil pressure gauge to pinpoint the issue, but if the voltmeter is the only gauge out, you likely have a bad connection within the panel or the gauge coil has failed. I think that from the position yours failed in, there's just a bad connection, because mine acted the same until I cleaned the connections.


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