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Where can i buy this ?


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January 6, 2016
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1999 Ford Explorer v8 5.0

I'm looking for a website to buy this molding (moulding ?) ..
An idea ?

Thanks a lot


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My guess is you’ll have to buy the whole running board; they probably don’t sell just the rubber molding as it’s probably epoxied on pretty good

Just google your truck year and make and “running board” and you’ll get alot of results

Sorry for my english but i'm not talking about running board but the exterior molding ..

Not sure if that would be the rocker panel or something else. Just google your truck year and make and “body parts” and you should have alot of sites with parts diagrams

That door trim is plastic, relatively tough, and likely not unusable. The door is dented for sure, but the trim is a good bet to be possible to straighten out.

That trim is attached with double sided tape. Use 3M tape if you can, it needs to be put on carefully(take your time) or it will let go eventually. Be sure the trim lies straight before reinstalling it, not bent from storage etc, the tape won't be able to hold it straight if it's bent when stuck on the truck.

I was able to reuse almost every piece of trim from my original 99 Limited(same color and trim), and the truck was totaled, a full rollover mess.


If you are looking for new trim look on www.rockauto.com . They have a lot of options for Gen 2 Explorers.

Thanks for all your answers..
I found on rockauto..