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Where can I find a front spindle for my '92?


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August 23, 2009
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Woodbury, MN
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1992 XLT
I need to replace the inner and outer bearings on the passenger front. The threads on the end of the spindle are stripped out and am having a hard time getting the lock nut off. Can't find a spindle at any parts store around here and called the biggest Ford dealer in the state, said Ford doesn't even make that part anymore. Any suggestions?

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try jeffs bronco graveyard for the spindel. i found some for my 92. i think i remember them being about 120 per side. if you can try to replace them both at the same time. most auto parts stores should have the inner and outer bearings and races. remember to use a non waterproof grease on the bearings and pack the crap out of them. good luck:)

A few years ago, I asked my Ford dealer about the spindle, and they said that, being a Dana axle, you may get it from a local Dana-Spicer dealer. Called them up and they could get it.

The ranger station also sells whole spindles here click here... $95.75 a side at the time of this post. Good Luck

We have a couple used parts vendors on here too.. don't forget to check with them..


Junk yards! I'd never pay a junk yard $120 for a spindle. I'll pull and ship one to you for a lot less than that.

Alright, thanks Maniak, I'm still pretty new to the forum.