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Where can I find vacuum hoses.


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July 14, 2011
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Ridgeway, VA
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95 XLT
I have a vacuum hose that is broken. The green one right on top of the EGR valve. I cant find a replacement anywhere. Anyone have any ideas? Worse case anyone know what size that hose is?

That is an awful difficult item to buy mailorder without goofing up the size. Not to worry! Darn near every parts store carries generic hose (vaccumm, fuel, etc). Pull the broken one off and take to Autozone, Napa, Carquest, Murrays, O'Reillys, or any other and have them match it up. Should be less than $1 per foot.

well the only downside to that is im stationed here in germany so theres no autozone lol. but thanks im gonna see if i can find one at a junk yard here and hope like hell i get lucky.

I assume there is a hospital or clinic on your base. They should be able to find a piece of medical tubing that would work.