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where do the ground wires go?


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July 13, 2010
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98 XLT
Hi All,
I am in the final stages of my 98 4.0L SOHC engine swap. Just buttoning everything up and attaching the front accessories. I'm stuck because I forgot how the ground wires go.

One of the first things I did when I pulled the motor, was disconnect the pcm and remove the hood. There are 2 ground wires and I can't remember how they go.

1. Short black ground wire that comes out of the pcm harness.
2. Long Braided ground strap attached to the passenge side head.

The reason I am confused is that the long ground strap has a stud with a double bolt on top. It looks like it would be used to hold down the pcm connector. The short pcm ground wire only has a term lug so it "appears" to be made to attach right near the pcm.
There is also a loose nut on the wiper mounting stud which has green (electrical) lok-tite on it, like it would accept the term lug.

PICS below

Seems the opposite of what it looks like.

Could I have mistakenly put the stud with the braided ground strap?
Does it really go with the short pcm wire harness instead?
Is there a regular bolt for the pcm mount bracket?
Does the braided ground strap mount on the wiper stud?
And finally, doesn't the hood have a ground wire?

I'm so confused!!!!!!! Can anyone help or post pictures....



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the pcm connector, to the right in the picture it should be 2 ground straps, a stun, then a bolt after to hold the pcm in place.

Streetrod also replied to my engine swap thread with some nice pics