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Where does this go? 93 Explorer door

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December 18, 2007
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93 XLT 4x4
Where does this electrical box on a 93 Explorer 4 door w/electric windows and door locks go? I fixed the electric motor and forgot where it goes.

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One touch down module maybe? If so it will have 5 wires: R, R/Y, LB/BK, Y/R, BK.

Been a while since I have been in the door so I'm just going by wiring diagrams.

Right under the door handle. There should be a bracket the module slides onto

I just recently had my door panels off, so that I could replace my power window motor bushings. It looks like the bracket is still attached. I THINK there is a plastic post that it just slides back onto. I had the same problem, and when I realized where it went I had one of those "Well, DUH!" moments.

On mine, the bracket it attaches to is screwed to one of the door arm rest retaining screws. It's common for them to rip off, pulling the screw out.