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Where in America to off road?


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April 18, 1999
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I'm compiling a list of places in America to off road. I need the following information as a minimum:

1. State
2. Park (town) name
3. As much detail about this place as possible. Such as, types of trails, minimum vehicle requirements, fees, lodging / camping, etc...
4. Local attractions, sites to see, etc...

If there is a web site for it, please post that too.

I'm building a national list that I plan on posting here for all to use. After seeing about the millionth post asking the question we all asked at one time or another, "Where can I go off roading?", I figured it's about time to put a national "database" together.

Thanks for your help.

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Good idea, Cameron.

But what do you want to bet that the question is still going to asked continually even after you put this directory together? ;)

Go to Ford Outfitters website and look for their destination finder. That should get you what you are looking for.

Here you go:
(dead link)

They have off-roading as one of their choices. Hope this helps.

Why they even list off roading as an option is beyond me. I put in Indiana and off roading and "no matches found". So I put just Indiana and Attica doesn't show up. Then I select just off road and no state in particular and got 145 hits, none of them seam to be for off roading. Or at least none of them indicate off roading. A grass land preserve came up!!!!!

Although the site is cool (thank you very much for turning me on to it) it appears geared towards hikers and sightseers.

Unfortunately, not much help to me!

But again, thanks.

Great initiative!


Great idea. Here are the directions SteveVB posted regarding three trails Kephard, Dictum and Long Run at the GWNF (George Washington National Forrest) close to Harrisonburg, VA. Take I 81 to Harrisonburg and then Rt 33 westbound for about 10 miles. From here, Steve's directions start

here is the link to the topo site, its a little clunky but using the scroll and scale you can see the area.

(dead link)

This should have a map with the center aprox. located at the intersection of Long Run Road and Second mtn Road. Look for the BM 3338, marked Gates. I propose coming up second mtn from Rt 33, going through this intersection past it to a trail on the right marked by a dashed line- this is Old Long Run Road- hard to see but it basically follows Long Run down to the bottom of the mtn and onto FR72 for a few hundred yards to the Gospel Hill church at the corner of FR72, and State 612.

This is a copy of the post from Whats up with MD, with the online topo map. If you get the next map to the left and the one below you will see 33, go west on 33 and you should see Kephart Run on the right side of the road. It is slow but you can get a picture of the area and the trails we are going to run if your patient. If I can get a scanner Ill scan a map with the area and trails- dont hold your breath!

Steve VB
2 1/2" Rancho,
31" Goodyear AT/S

Hope this helps.


Thanks, that's the kind of info I'm looking for!

Okay, a big "thank you" to those of you who have responded to my request. I thought I would put a link to my database so maybe, seeing it, others will get motivated into sending me information.

The following states have some sort of trail information on them.

New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
West Virginia

Please send me all the information you know about these or other trails.

Let me know what you think of the database!


here's another link for you:

(dead link)


One of my website's (not 4x4 related) uses a script I made that could handle user's submitting info/pictures and me just clicking 'Add' on my control panel and it makes the page, add's the link to the right index, etc. so I thought about doing this idea last year however I came across (dead link)and that ruined my plans. Good idea though!

Lets start off with TruckHaven Hills. It's located off of CA-86 in Calf. There are a few hotels in the area, but the best way is to camp. There is everything from soft washes to rocky trails. This is one of the nicest trails I've ever been on by far. I'd have to say the closest city would be the Salton City

Second off there's the Nellis Dunes. This is located in Las Vegas just off I-15. There are a few rocks to be climbed, but most the area is reserved for softer trails. This is a more mild area with the ground being somewhat soft. It's hard to break anything here though. :)

Third theres the Toiybe National Forest. This place is HUGE. It's in both nevada as well as calf. There are several trials here that run through the forest. A great place to camp right after the winter snow melts and the flowers start up. :)

Lastly is Red Rock Canyon. This has some harder climbs, but can still be done it 2wd. The name comes from the slick rock that has a redish tint to it. There isn't too many trails here, but it does have a great view of the city. It's located right outside of Las Vegas off Charleston. You can't miss it.

Here's some in Kansas. Wait, there's just one. And we really lucky just to have that one! :) I've got directions and some landsat photos on my web page if you want to go into that much detail.

Tuttle Creek's Main Web page Dead Link Removed

Tuttle Creek's ORV Web Page Dead Link Removed

Cameron, my Dad lives in St. Louis. I vist every so often from KC. Is there any trails near St. Louis? I think I should start checking out your Illinois Explorer web page. :)

Oh ya, the page looks really sweet too! It will be really nice to have a centralized source for trails that Explorer owners can see instead of finding some site that has about 2 locations for the intire US. Good Luck.


Are you referring to St. Louis Missouri or St. Louis Illinois? I don’t know of any in either St. Louis. And that’s why I started this post. I figured, why not tap into the 4000+ members here to get some kind of database going. I know there are other sites that have trail information but they all seam to have something in common, they are geared towards Jeep owners. Or people with supper modified trucks. I want to hear from people with Explorers who can say that they personally drove a particular trail and can attest to whether or not an Explorer can handle it. Or what modifications an Explorer will need to handle it. Ya know what I mean?

Thanks for the information. If I find any St. Louis area information, I will add it to the database.

There is a place in a state park about an hour to an hour and a half south of St. Louis. The nearest town is called Flat River. Suposedly they have 2000 acres or so, but i've never been there...

There is an area on the Ky/ Tn border about 120 miles wnw of Nashville, Tn called Land Between the Lakes. They have and OHV area thats pretty nice with rustic camping on site. The web site is www2.lbl.org/lbl/OHVGate.html

Hope this helps,


milford connecticut, Bic drive...to the left or right before the train tracks.

real simple, pretty trails, easy riding. though there are a couple ruff parts, nothing too crazy.


mildford connecticut, right off fresh medow road...come to the end of the road and go left, you cant miss it.

a little more advanced, especially tuff right after a rain, it floods real bad. i got stuck towards the end :( so close yet so far!

if anyone else knows of some trails in southern connecticut please post.

I have been trying to do the same thing for Texas trails
I'll put a link to your site if you send me a button/pic ;) oh, and if you let me share information on Texas Trails :smoke:



On the page where you list the AZ trails you have a typo. Arizona is spelled wrong. I'm not trying to be critical, just thought you'd like to know. There are alot more trails in AZ. Charles Wells just put out a book. You might want to take a look at that because it lists a lot.