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Where this noise is comming from


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October 6, 2013
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Ford Explorer 2004 4.0
Hi, I have a 2004 4.0 explorer with 65K on it and for a while I was hearing a roaring noise while I was driving. First I thought is road noise but then paid more attention and noticed the noise is there regardless of speed or engine being on or off. The only time almost dissipates when I swirl to right. Based on recommendations on the MBs that were repeatedly indicated that when there is a noise the opposite wheel bearing is the bad one. So, I ordered the wheel bearing and changed the right side, but the noise is there. I swapped the right&left tires with the spare and checked each time, then took it to Walmart and ask them to rotate and balance tires. But at the end the noise is there and I don't know where else to look. I do appreciate for any help figuring the problem.

does it get louder when you go faster?

I would check the other wheel bearing as well. I have the most success in diagnosing these bearings by spinning the hub by hand after removing the rotor and sliding off the caliper. This is a simple job and removes the possibility of other roughness like brake drag. If the bearing is bad you will feel it in your hand.