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Where to buy 4x4 tail housing/ shaft?


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December 31, 2007
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1995 Ford Explorer
Been online all morning, checked with 800700trans, bulkpart, USAtransmission, WiTiTranny, checked all local junkyards. No one carries it. Anyone have a good source where to get a 95Ex 4.0 4x4 extension tail housing and output shaft?

I have a tail housing if you want it $30 shipped. I don't have a shaft though.

i have a bad a4ld i can pull the tail shaft out of if it will work.

Thanks Mr.Q, just picked up housing. Lifeguard379, as long as it's a 4x4 output shaft it fine. I'm not in a great hurry and how much are you asking for it? Thank you!:D