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Where to find Warrior shackles in Canada?


September 27, 2010
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Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
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03 unbadged NBX
Just a quick question for all of you up here in Canada.


I thought about ordering from here, but after their international shipping rates and duty I was looking at $184.95. And that's actually before exchange.

Why are these things so hard to find in Canada?

Any other suggestions for those of us north of the border?

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Years ago, there was a distributor in Quebec, but Im not sure if thery are still arouind. 185 bucks is pretty steep, dont ship UPS for sure. There is no exchange at the moment as our dollar is worth as much or more than the US dollar.

Suggestions....make em your self, I made a set once, no issues. Theres spec.s for hame made shackles on here somewhere, even if you cant do it your self theres gotta be some good welders up in he Fort, no?

Cheer, Todd

Well, if I was still in Fort McMurray, I could have them made no problem. But, I'm still pretty new to Fort Sask, and really don't know anyone around here. (Maybe I'm just anti-social...hmmm)

I did see a set on ebay a while back, but again, with shipping, they ended up being around the $150 mark.

Guess its time for me to befriend a couple welders :-P

i made my own too, just use angle iron long enough and wide enough to support the bolts, they have been on there about a year or more, with no issues,


edit, i used the same bolt hole space as the warriors too ,

Wanna make me a set when I visit my parents in Whitemouth this summer? ;)

Just kidding, but maybe I'll detour through Selkirk just to catch a glimpse of 'Evil'

either myself or corkey i am sure can make a set. whitemouth! i used to work there years ago. sure, let me know when your coming threw.

just jeeps in toronto carrys em, but for the cost make your own set is just as good.