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where to get coil spacers?


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May 29, 2000
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91 EB 2x4
where do i get the 2inch f150 coil spacers from? the warroir shackles are be shipped as i type and im gonna need somethin to lift the front end now. oh ya, about how much are the coil spacers anyways?

are these the coil spacers I would want to lift a 92 sport?

what is the process of adding these? will I need any special tools?

ive been out of town for a couple of days and when i got back to work today my shackles were there waiting for me. im gonna put em on tommorrow hopefully. ive been in touch with torrie at ford parts network and am just waiting on gettin em shipped or somethin.

nomad-from what ive read the coil spacers are pretty simple to install but you will need an aligment after they have been installed. use the spacers if your lookin for a cheap and easy way to gain a couple of inches of height.