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where to get new battery cable harness?


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May 5, 2000
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Westmont, Illinois
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'93 Ranger
So I'm driving home from michigan towing a heavy trailer. About 45 minutes into the drive I stop at a starbucks for a coffee. Come out and truck is totally dead - even the locks won't do anything even using the lock button on the inside door panel. Key turns on nothing - not a beep or a blink or anything. It's like there is no battery connected at all.
I put in a new battery last winter. I didn't go cheap either, I went with the upgraded battery. At the time, the positive clamp was cracked and corrosion was all over both terminals. I cleaned everything up, replaced the clamp using one of those clamps from autozone, everything was fine.

So back to the dead truck. Lifted the hood, tapped on the alternator, the starter, wiggled the pos/neg wires, tried to move the battery and was able to do it a little bit. disconnected the 4-prong trailer plug. Tried the ignitiion, still nothing. Did it again and when I put the key in the ignition everything lit up, and the truck started just fine with full power.

So I had the truck into the local shop today. They checked out the starter, the alternator, and the battery. All fine according to them. So I am suspecting that it's the battery cable wires. Either that or the trailer is somehow doing something to it. Trailer was brand new one year ago and for the most part, garage kept.
So I'm trying to replace the battery cables to rule them out, with 92k on the truck the wires could use a replacement anyway right? So ford says that my truck was a 2004 built after dec 2003, and they don't have the battery cables for it. I guess it's a harness that connects to a couple things. Due to low demand they don't make it anymore and none show in their national parts database. I checked ford parts network, and same story there.

So what do I do? I'm sure others have run into this issue. How do you get a harness? Cobble one together from the rack of cables at autozone?

Try rockauto.com.