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Where to install amps???


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September 10, 2002
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98 Sport
I am going to install 3 pioneer 200W 2 channel amps to beef up my 8400 head unit and add a JBL stealthbox. The question I have, is where are the best place to put these amps that they are out of site? I have had it suggested under the seats, I was wondering about behind the rear quarterpanel by the Stealthbox? Any help out there? Thanks

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I have one amp mounted behind of of my rear cargo panels where the stock amp is supposed to be and i have my other amp mounted behind the seat. There is a flap that covers the amp when the seat is in the UP position. I used to have it mounted under my rear seat but i had problems with people putting their wet feet on my amp. My sub amp has Xover settings on it and because i have the biggest amp out of everyone i know i put everyones box in my truck cause they want to see how it sounds so i am always ajusting it. Behind the cargo panel in the back is not a good idea if you plan on doing some fine adjustments later on.

i have mine on the back of my rear seats, put 2 on the 60% and 1 on the 40% side.......also do a search, you'll find some more installs

I have mine mounted behind the rear panel.

I removed the small cargo basket and put my amp there. No problems in over a year so far.

There is room for 2 amps, if they are small enough. Adjusting a single amp back there is easy, but a second amp may be difficult to get to.

Even though my windows are tinted dark I think I am going to install mine under the back seat when Im ready to put it in.

Those of you that mounted them under the rear seat, did you screw them into the floor pan. If you did does water seep in around the screws. I am laning on puting an amp in this weekend and would like to know.

I installed my amps in the stock locations for the rear speakers, outta site, outta mind.

I used to have my amp mounted under the seat, mounted upside down to a bracket I made that was riveted to the seat. Pic below:


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Mounting an amp upside down is bad. The heatsinks won't be able to dissipate the heat properly since they are on top of the amp. Remember, heat rises.