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Where to mount amp in 92 Explorer


September 20, 2008
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OK so I just picked up a 92 Explorer. It has tape deck, a blown speaker, and no low end. So I want to replace the deck, speakers, amp and sub in rear storage area http://audio-n-more.com/thestore/prods/QL-C1EXP108.html Any ideas on where to mount amp? I have power seats so no room under fronts, and it looks like when I fold down the rear seats I lose all the space under them. And I really dont want to loose any storage space. Thanx.

I used to have mine mounted to the plate that sits up against the back seats, on the driver's side (the single rear seat). If you need all the space with the seats down, you can take it off the plate and store it under the plate when the seats are down.

In my 92' I have an amp mounted under the back seat on the passenger side. It's a tight fit when the seats are folded down and if it's a big amp this location may not work. The drawback to having the amp here is when I fold down the seats (which is pretty rare for me) the seat presses up against the amp. So when I have the seats down I usually pull the amp fuse so that it doesn't overheat.