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Where to put a Subwoofer?


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June 22, 2012
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2003 Ford Sport Trac XLT
I drive a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT. I've invested in both new speakers and a new head unit. I've delayed the purchase of a sub woofer because I feel as if there is no where to put the darn thing where it wont be a huge inconvenience. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Yeah I had trouble with mine too. You could put a box under the rear seats. That's what I did. Just a 10'' upward firing sub. You can find specially made boxes that will specifically fit under that seat. Or, and this would be my preference, you could actually put a box behind the rear seats. It'll take a bit more work, but in the end, you'll be able to move your seats up and down without having to remove the box, and it'll look cleaner.

You caught me at an off moment, so I'm sure someone could give you a link to one of the websites where the sell enclosures that will fit your ST


This site has a few that I looked at.
There's a few other good sites though, just an example. It's where I got the idea for the sub box that I built.

Go to my audio build thread...

I have had the single 10 under the rear passenger seat and it worked fine, but I wanted to amplify my speakers and run 2 subs and I just finished some work on that tonight. Should be done with it tomorrow evening. Lots of links, pics, and a vid in my audio thread. I can answer most questions as well.

My biggest issue thus far is fitting the damn amps in lol.

i know you were one and sorry bout the link... to get to the page i was talking bout go to the link on the left hand column there is projects click it then on the top there are categories click the one marked audio and then look through the listings for c. wells enclosure. nice part bout this is the factory jack is unmoved and the sub is hidden behind the seat allowing fold down seat operation

Have any of y'all seen anybody runnin the thin JL audio 13 behind the seat? Everybody keeps tellin me theirs not enough room. I'm runnin a single JL 8w7 which sounds awesome but I've got the driverside rear seat folded down. Since I'm by myself 90% of the time it's ok but sometimes I need to fit more than 3 people in my truck. I would actually give up some of the performance of the w7 to have it concealed behind the seat.

I have 2 polk audio MM1040's behind the rear seat. The seat rubs up against them when it's up right so the seat has to stay down. I'm in the same situation as scope... it sucks. I thought about getting an actual "box" and taking out the single seat in the back and putting the subs where the seat would be. I also thought about putting some bucket seats in the back and putting the subs in between the seats. That would be the extreme route... but that's brainstorming for ya.

Good luck!

Im going to be making another cavity in my small rear seat soon to solve the clearance issue between the subs and seats. Right now mine don't actual hit them, it's just to close for comfort :) haha. And I'm planning on upgrading to some louder subs soon so those would prolly fire right into the seats and hurt the cones.

Yeah my subs get squished before the seat even locks back :(

I was thinkin if I dyno mat the rear wall and use it as the back of the box and attach sides and a top. Then cut the hole bigger than the speaker is so that a piece attaches to speaker and to the back of front box piece so that the speaker is recessed the thickness of the front piece if you can pic what I'm talkin bout that would be a way to eliminate the speaker rubbin the back of the seat.

By dynomating the rear cab to use as part of the box its gunna make your subs sound kinda wonky. When you use different types of materials to wall an enclosure it'll mess with tone. Probably fine tho... As long as its air tight. I still think it'd be less work to cut the back of the small rear seat out, more airflow in front of the sub too