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where's my IAT sensor


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March 22, 2008
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fareham hants
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2000 northface
hi all happy new year. well its like this i have a 1999 north face with PO113 fault code. so i thought no problem got a stack of inlet pipes in the shed i will just change the sensor. but when i opened the bonnet there's no sensor in the inlet pipe on the car .so i opened the bonnet on my 2000 north face and no sensor in inlet pipe. so here's the question do 1999 onward have a IAT sensor and if so where is it . i cant find it .cheers Chris

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If a "Northface" is an Explorer, and if it's the same as the US version, then your IAT sensor is integrated into the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. Even if you're not talking about an Explorer, many newer vehicles use a similar arrangement. Look at your MAF sensor, and the connector. If it is 6-wire, then there is a good chance that it has the IAT integrated into it.

IAT sensors are also not always on the "inlet piping". (I assume you're referring to the plastic tubing from the air cleaner to the throttle body.) They can sometimes be mounted to the throttle body, or even installed in the intake plenum (like my '92 Mercury Sable 3.8L), or in one particular runner.


hi carguy. yes the north face is an explorer it a special edition in the uk. mechanicaly its the same as all 4 ltr v6 sohc 4x4 explorers. just trim changes and couler coded bumpers. i will have a look at the maf sensor in the morrning .cheers chris

IAT & MAF sensors

The red arrow in the photo below indicates the MAF sensor elements.

The green arrow indicates the IAT sensor element.


hi and thanks to carguy and 2000street rod. had a look today as you both said should have been in with the maf sensor as per photo. but its not there. at some time someone has fitted old type maf with no iat sensor.may try adjusting wiring and fitting old type inlet pipe with iat sensor in it as i have several old type inlet pipes. cheers chris

Separate IAT sensor

My Lightning 90mm MAF sensor did not have the integrated IAT sensor. I purchased a Ford Escort intake tube with IAT sensor, connector and pigtails for $0.99 plus shipping. Then I just cut a hole a little smaller than the sensor in the new intake tube and forced it in. The red arrow in the photo below identifies the IAT sensor.

I may do something more permanent in the future but for now it works fine even without any sealant.


thanks guys it now has a inlet pipe from 1997 explorer with separate iat. engine light out and running fine
cheers Chris

hi someone know where is located the IAT sensor in the Ford explorer 2015 XLT
I was looking for it but I can't find it
someone can help me please