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Where's the ABS plug under the hood ??


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September 22, 2001
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Toronto Ont CA
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95 Eddie-B 4L
I have a code reader which is used to get the diagnostic codes (error codes) from the computer.

The manual says the same unit will get the ABS codes out also.

I've used it to get the engine codes .... the connector was located on the drivers side just to the front of the electrical box which has relays, fuses etc.

Anyone know where the heck the ABS connector is located ??
Apparently it's the same kind/shape as the engine one.

95 EB, 4l push rod eng.

Doh.. yeah.. ive seen mine... hmmm... where is it? Oh yeah.. should be a little box in front of the power box... on the... passenger side? by the battery sort of... well.. its there on my 94.