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where's the leak?


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November 24, 2010
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Everett, WA
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91 Eddie Bauer
I know I have an oil leak somewhere since it gets almost a quart low every 10-14 days. The problem is I don't know where it's leaking. There's never any oil spots where I park. A couple of days ago I parked on a hill, facing downhill, and noticed quite a bit of oil had leaked on the ground. I've looked under the truck and can't seem to find the source. Any help would be much appreciated.

front of oil pan or front crank seal would be my guess based on the down hill parking. Normally when sitting oil will not actively leak from the front seal, only when running or, in this case, sitting down hill nose first. The reason for this is that when the engine is not running, no oil is high enough in the engine to leak out of the front seal or front of the oil pan. You could also be burning some oil, which you would not see as an oil leak but would see as a loss. Any Bluish tinted smoke when starting/running (especially on decel)