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Where's the temperature sending unit for the gauge?

d halstead

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July 1, 2010
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1997 explorer xlt 4x4
i am trying to fix temp guage on my 1997 ford exp xlt need to know where the coolant temp sensor is located on v6 sohc engine and are the wires color coded , thanks. dan h

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It is on the housing by the thermal-stat. There are two sensors, it has one wire. The ECT sensor has 2 wires.

temperature sender

Be very careful if you remove the sender. The thermostat housing (shown below) is plastic, breaks easily and is expensive to replace.


The instrument temperature sender has a red/white stripe wire connected to it.

locating and r/p sensor for 1997 v6 explorer guage

pops 54 ;thanks for the information, i really appreciate it, dan h