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Where's Your Ground???


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January 14, 2006
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North Georgia
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1996 XLT
Alright guys, I have a 3' piece of 4 gauge that needs grounding. The amp is either going to be on top of the box or on the backside. The box is going to be in the back of the cargo area. Anyone have similar setup? Where are your grounds??? Let me know, thanks.

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i removed one of the bolts to the rear seats and attached it there.

If for some reason it won't reach the rear seat bolts then I suppose if you have the capability then you could drill a hole somewhere if there is no interference from gas tanks or wires or other accesories. I had to drill a hole in the floor of my Explorer to ground out 0/1 Ga. Wire. After I drilled a hole big enough for the bolt I had, I then took a connector and put it on the ground wire and slid it down over the bolt. With a washer and a nut you can secure it down. Cut off whatever excess you have or buy a really small bolt like I did and you don't have to worry about it. I did it off to the side of my box, kind of under the side molding and the carpet. I just pulled the carpet back and put the wire under it and the side molding.

my ground goes through the floor and directly into the frame rail

I dont know on a second gen but on my first gen my ground is under the flap between the back seat and the cargo area on the floor of the cargo area there were like 4 bolts across, I have 1 amp to 1 bolt and another amp to another bolt and have yet to have any issues with it.

I put mine sorta where yours is thewishka, under the flap i just drilled a hole and removed the paint. It works. Thanks guys.