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Which Brand Of Spark Plugs?

Diesel Tom

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May 8, 2015
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Stone Mountain, GA
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2007 Ford Explorer
What is the latest thoughts on brand of spark plugs to install in a 2007 4.6L V8? Motorcraft or Champion? It currently is on its second set of Motorcraft spark plugs.

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I replaced my first set of plugs with NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs (ZNAR6AIX-11/372) & have 50k on them.



Why not the single piece CHAMPION 7989 to prevent future potential break when removed?

I put the upgraded Champions in mine...was 105 bucks for 8. The Motorcrafts were a lot more and out of stock, and I was tired of my issues. Runs great now.

I replaced the spark plugs today with the Motorcraft. I followed all Ford's recommendations with the last set of plugs and they came out without a hitch - no crunching or cracking noises, just smooth removal. I think the Motorcraft anti-seize compound worked well.

I did notice something that has me concerned. The old plugs had 63K miles on them and the gap had worn to about 0.100", over 0.055 from the original 0.045 factory gap. This vehicle is driven 120 miles on the highway four days a week, otherwise city driving. Any thoughts?

That’s normal wear, nothing to worry about.

Ditto, that's possible during 63k miles. The more expensive plugs should wear less over the same mileage, so change the less expensive kind more often, such as 50k miles. For the engines that have had issues with removing plugs, taking some threads with them, I'd change those more often no matter what plugs they are.

Never had any issues with Motorcraft.