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Which Exhaust to use?

January 23, 2000
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Right now I am running a flowmaster which I really like, but I have heard great things about borla. I am looking to have the best hp gain and the loudest exhaust. Loud is the key. Will borla satisfly this crave?

Tony 91 Sport

i am not sure if you know this already, but flowmaster makes different gradients of mufflers, from timid to explosive. they have an "force II" that'll fit the explorer and i dont know but you might want to see if you can put the "american thunder" on the 2.25" pipes...

i have a flow on mine and i know a guy who put borla on his, and good lord his is louder than mine. but i am not looking for loudness like you are...

personal opinion, borla is better, even though i have a flow.

i am thinking about borla headers as well but the $400 price tag is kinda preventing that right now...

check out www.flowmastermufflers.com and www.borla.com

Hey mighty head, i posted something before but i'm not sure if you saw it. If you go to carparts.com, you can put this coupon in and get those headers for cheap. Here's the code: 4wra002, put that in and you get 30% off your total order up to $300. And after you go past 300 they take $100 off your total. Its a great deal, and if its expired, then check out any off road magazine and they should have an ad in their magazine. Well I probably shouldn't say any off road magazine, but i get Peterson's, and have bought a few 4x4 power and they usually have them in there. As far as the mufflers, Tony, I have a Flowmaster 40 series, which has the orignial flowmaster sound, and it is loud, I was going for the sound also, so I went with flowmaster. Like mighthead said, you probably got the force II, which has the 30 seres muffler, and that is one of the quietest that flowmaster makes. Hope that helped ya.

1991 2wd 4dr Explorer
3" Body Lift w/31" Goodyear Wrangler MT/S
KKM Filter
Flowmaster 40 series muffler

I can get you boral headers for a explorer for 340 + shipping, if interested mail me