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which is a better oil filter K&N or Mobil1?


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April 2, 2005
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2000 Explorer XLS V6 SOHC
Need help choosing a new oil filter.

The store near me has:

AC Delco


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I personally like Motorcraft filters since they are inexpensive and designed by Ford. However, after browsing around on the www.bobistheoilguy.com forums, it seems that the K&N oil filters flow better than the Mobil 1 filters, but the Mobil 1 filters better. Don't think you could go wrong with either of these filters, but they are expensive.

From your list, I would select either Mobil 1 or K & N.

However, I would also add Amsoil.

Those three filters are equally the best.

Good luck ..........

the best is WIX

AC DELCO is actually very good, as is wix, the k&n and mobil 1

i run motorcraft on all of our fords (xplorer and ranger) and a motorcraft on my toyota...as it uses a FL1A

You guys our nuts! Fram is by far the best filter available! :)

JTX said:
You guys our nuts! Fram is by far the best filter available! :)

see thats funny to us that know better, but can be very bad to the younger newbie impressionable minds..... hopefully they read more and really find out fram sucks....

I wouldn't hit a wild dog in the ass with a Fram filter ........

from a study on www.oilfilterstudy.com Amsoil oil filters have great flow and have a very small pores to catch the small stuff. For me this is what I am going to use the next time around

download the spreadsheet and check for yourselves

Another good filter to throw into the mix mentioned..Hastings.

Purolator PureOne filters are also extremely good. I either run Motorcraft (made by Purolator) or Purolator, depending on what's carried.

Yup Purolator for me all the way as well.

I think all of the above are quality filter, but FRAM (stay away!!!). Wally World stopped selling them cause nobody buy enough of it to keep it on the shelves. I guessed Fram bought all of their shelves space. Its ashamed, cause they have awesome price on Motorcraft.

Anybody know how to get group purchase discount on oil filter? Personally, I'd like to get a case of either Wix, Puralator, Motorcraft, or even AC delco.

I don't know whats better than others (NO FRAM!!!!), but I can say that every ford I ever owned (quite a few) took the motorcraft FL-1A. The engines in mine lasted longer than everything else. My brother has my ranger after me driving it 16 years. He is still running the motorcraft in it.