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which locking hubs 2 buy?


July 28, 2006
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94 4.0 4WD
I can get mile marker new hubs with spindle nut conversion for 30.00 less then warn. Should I spend 30.00 more and get warn or go with mile marker. I heard of warn but never heard of mile marker. I'm leaning toward warn because of the name. I want to know who has the better hubs? Or are they the same? I want to order something today so I can play again this weekend.


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My buddy (92explore06) and I put Warn manual locking hubs on his 92 Explorer and he loves them to death. We are only talking about $30 more so I rather go with a more of a name brand like Warn than Mile Marker. I know they might be cheaper but Warn is pretty dang popular. Most local 4x4 stores and Advance sells Warn parts.

i have mile marker and never one time have i had a problem with them. i also have a set of warns as a spare set. id go with mile marker and will buy another set when mine shell out. great hubs

I have the mile marker hubs on my 94, yet to have any problems with them. What I do know about the MM and the warn hubs is that if you are going to be doing any hardcore wheeling get the warn hubs, if the majority of the time you will be on the street get the MM hubs. If your not sure spend the extra $30 so you won't be saying if.

ive beat my hubs pretty hard and never had failure

I broke 2 MM hubs from July to December. I have since "rebuilt" the two broke ones and they work fine, and I carry a spare set. If you're interested in the "rebuild" let me know and I might let my secret out...

Thanks for the replys. I bought the warn hubs. For the little difference of money I'd like to have a name I know. Not saying there are better just the name I know. I wish I would of known about the nut converstion before I ordered my hubs. O well. This site is always good for infromation.


you can get the warn "conversion kit" for around 7 bucks a bag if you just call 4wheelparts and tell them the part number 28068X. get one bag for each side. thats what i did. saved me some money

this is were i first found the info.

Thanks for the post :thumbsup:
I bought Warn manual hubs a year ago in expectation my autohubs would eventually blow up; but so far the autos are working fine. I checked Many On-line and local parts stores for the install kit and they all had them for $50 :eek: Since I knew I could pick up the parts locally I decided to wait until an autohub died or I could find the axle nut kit for reasonable $$. I just order 2 kits ($18 shipped to my door). I saved $35+ :)

yea i was very happy as well, when i found that post. i couldnt belive how much 4wheelparts was charging for basically a cardboard box, when they got the same thing for 30-40 bucks less.