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Which mats are better?


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November 22, 2011
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2014 Black Explorer Sport
I'm looking to buy weather mats and people are buy husky and weather tech brands. Which is a better choice as in fitment wise, quality, and price? Thanks

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i was wondering how good are the ford mats i got at delivery they were on the build sheet for 75 bux

The ford ones are great for summer, not much more. I purchased the Husky's and am extremely happy with both their fit, and their coverage

I have the WeatherTech mats front,middle and cargo.
They fit perfect and look great.
Nice and deep to hold lots of water as well.

I have weather Tech, look good

If cost is an issue, you're not going to beat the prices we're getting on the group buy from Husky that blwnsmoke set up. All 6 pieces for $294 and change (driver side, passenger side, 2nd row, 3rd row, back well, large cover for over the folded 3rd row seats).

Call Melissa and tell her you're calling from the Explorer forum. She will set you up and you'll have them in days. Includes shipping.

Anyone have pics of husky and weather tech? I want to see the difference. Some people say that husky covers more carpet but I haven't seen any pics of weather tech. Thanks

If cost isn't an issue I spent the money because I like the look of the weathertech or the husky, the huskys is pretty much the same but a better price if you do groupbuy. I did grab the ford cargo mat which looks nice, I don't know if the weathertech would have been nicer. bought them parts4less or somethin

+1 for the Husky mats. I've never seen the Weathertec, but I couldn't pass up the price on the group buy for the Huskys. Ordered them and received within just a few days and they look great. Really good coverage.

I went with the Ford mats. I preferred the way they looked in the vehicle (design) and the fact that they did not partially cover the dead pedal/left foot rest. The mats do hold water well and are not slippery when wet.