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which motor?


July 30, 2014
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North Port, FL
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03 Eddie Bauer 2wd V8
hi, im new to explorers and just bought a 03 ED 2wd 4.6 w/194k miles for $2400 at the dealer and im thinking of getting a junk yard motor with with around 100k miles to change out.

im no noob to motors as i did a 99 I6 cast iron late last year in a jeep.

i have searched but find a lot of stuff but what i really need,
what 4.6 should i use as a bolt in(year, model) for my 03?

any help is greatful

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I'm no expert, but I would think the 4.6 is interchangeable between the Explorer, Mountaineer, F-150, Crown Vic, Mustang GT, and E-150.

What's wrong with the engine in it now? 200k is nothing on these engines.

What's wrong with the engine in it now? 200k is nothing on these engines.
I know the miles aren't bad but i would rather be lower and i can get a whole motor for $300 at the JY.

if the rebuild kits were not so much $ i would go that way.

The big thing about the Explorer 4.6 is that it is all aluminum instead of cast iron. The other thing about the Triton 4.6 is that they were assembled in 2 different plants. Windsor, ON and Romeo MI. Depending on where the engine was made, there are differences in the heads and cranks. Most F150 engines were Windsors, since Windsor also made the 5.4. Other vehicles that use the 4.6 were made at both locations.
If I were looking for a new(ish) engine, I would choose either the 2002-2003 Explorer/Mountaineer 4.6, as it will be a simple plug and play operation, especially if you want to use anything from the original engine. In 2004, Ford switched to the electronic throttle setup. The 2004-2005 would be my second choice, as you could switch the throttle body to be used with your 2003.

thank you.
thats the info. i have been looking for.