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which optima to get?


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December 6, 2005
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93' xlt
ok here is a list of things that i am going to running off my battery:

(4) 35 watt 5x7 fog lamps
(2) 55-100 watt 6 inch spot beams
(2) 55 watt flood lights
(1) 400 watt 4 channel amp
(1) 300 watt 2 channel amp
my cb radio and i think thats about it.

I have been looking into doing the big 3 upgrade but cannot find a link or thread with working pictures to give me some guidance. I am planning on using 2 guage for grounds and no idea for the positives. I also do not know how to upgrade the alt to batt wire, how do you connect the larger wire into the small opening on the alt? any help would be great. I am undecided to get the red top or the yellow top for my application. I really do not know the difference.

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red tops say that they are better for starting, they have more CCA, but yellow says its dual purpose and is a good starter as well as deep cycle, i would say yellow top since your running all those lights / etc

so the chassis to ground wire is just the alt ground to the engine block? What would happen if the alt to batt wire is not fused?