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Which Optima


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January 26, 2001
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Seattle, WA
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94 XLT
I'm looking online for a Red Top Optima, and wondering if anyone has experience with the different sizes of them and how they fit into the 91-94 battery tray. Looking at the different sizes and specs on the Optima web site it looks like the 25/35 battery would be just right. Other ideas?

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34/78 fits most anything. Yeah it fits the X.

The 34/78 (also known as the 800/800U) would be what you want, the 25/35 is a smaller battery for compact cars. They will fit in place of each other, but for the same price you want as many amps as you can get.

The 34/78 also has Group 65 adapter clips that snap in to the bottom that let it use the stock battery mounting. It doesn't work that great, and the clips usually pop out of the battery some when you tighten it down, but it still holds it down good for general use. If you're going off road though, you may want to either use a bungee cord for additional safety, or get some sort of Optima battery tray or holder.

I agree. Redtop 34/78 in my '94 Eddie with Optima clips, stock battery tray.

Maybe I should tie mine down one day with a bungee cord. Previous owner broke the tie down holes somehow. But the Optima stays ok, Does slide a little but the cables keep it from moving around too much.

Anyone have any trouble getting the cables to reach the terminals? My positive lead is a very close fit for length as it is on my stock sized battery. Did your Optimas have any trouble with those center-mounted terminals?

Sorry, I forgot to add that I do indeed have original cables.

Snort, I didn't have any trouble as I replaced battery, starter, relay and cables all at the same time.


Update: I bought the Optima 8002-002 34 Redtop. It fits fine, original cables and with the plastic adapters that came with it the stock hold-down fits as well. Thanks for the input.

Roger that. I'm sure you'll be happy with it.