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which parts are not supposed to be covered by rust protector

January 10, 2011
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I am a new driver. My car chassis has some rust, looks serious.
I am planning to try the rust protector to delay the process. Protector like POR-15 looks good. But, problem is, under the car, I can only tell which is emission tube and which is oil tank, nothing else. So I am wondering, if I paint POR to bottom of the car, which parts can be painted, which parts can not be painted. If I ask small dealer to cover a coat, it costs $80, and only effective for 2 years. If I do it DIY, it may cost less and last longer.:)

I am appreciated if you can help me.

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I think that you can paint any metal parts which doesn't get hot. I don't think that you can paint on the Cat or Muffler because those gets hot.

I am going to buy the paint, crawl under the car, and paint the bottom with a brush. Now, I am wondering, is there anybody who did the same thing like me? I do not expect to have a risk of making a big idiot mistake.

In other words, don't paint the exhaust. The piping that the smoke comes out of.

That is a good question -
When using Por-15, do not cover any nut or bolt (fasteners).If you must apply coating in area, take out bolts & nuts or cover w/masking tape. I would also avoid the brake & fuel line connections.
I hope this reply will give you confidence. If not, ask more questions.......

yea I wouldn't paint over anything that you can remove, i.e. fuel lines, bolts, nuts, clips, connectors, stuff of that nature. for 80 bucks I would take it in, that seems like a good deal to me, thats just me tho. There are certain things I don't want to spend my sunday doing, and painting about tops that list. lol

Rust under a vehicle is going to be in seams or cracks, which no coating can reach. So "painting" over anything under a vehicle doesn't prevent rust well at all.

What does work extremely well compared to those products, is Rust Dissolver. Imagine a product that is as thin as water, can be sprayed on, and it "wicks" up into seams and cracks. That is the ideal best rust product to begin with. Unless you can treat the rust everywhere that it exists, you cannot stop it or slow it down well at all.

If you first spray everywhere that any rust can be, then you have a chance to stop rust or slow it down. Spray it first with Rust Dissolver($35 per gallon), then apply a sealing kind of product like Rust Encapsulator(better than POR 15).