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which powerplant?

ok so its time to start on the v8 swap.

I need to know which 5.0 is best for droping in my 92.

Should i get one out of an explorer? Mustang? Thunderbird?
ive been told to stay away from crown vics cause of smaller intake runners.
What year should I buy?

Its sounds most logical to get one out of as late an explorer as I can since they would have the newest motors.

Also what years did ford run the speed-density system so I'll know to stay away from em.

Thanks guys I can't wait to get this thing in the garage!

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Have you planned for the trans control, the 4R70W is electronic? The Explorer PCM takes care of both in the 96-01's.

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yes will be using an older(96-7') computer. So as to avoid the PATS.

Is there an electric shift version of the 4406?

I all for manuals but it would be nice to use the factory dash buttons and not have to shuffle both a tcase And trans shifter around.

I didn't recall if you were going to use the OBDII, that would make it all easier. The BW4406 came in about three versions. The manual type that others are using are the cheapest. I am doing the electric shift version like from the Expedition/Navigators. I want the automatic 4WD setting, most people like the manual control of the shift levers. Those are also more reliable for off roading by not having the shift motor etc.

To make the TOD version like mine work you have to have a 3 position switch with the proper resistance in each position. That really means using the 4WD switch from the 95/97 or 98-01 Explorers. I'm going to get that working first, and then try to get a 98 Expedition GEM module to control my TOD 4406. Those trucks had a fourth switch setting(2WD), plus the 4WD setting was mechanical(no electrical clutch). There's a dozen different ways to do your truck, figure out what you like and need first.

Well I just looked under the truck and my 1354 has 1-1/2" of clearance until it hits the skid plate.(which can be modified via "percusion engineering" :hammer: )

Has 2" of clearance till it hits an electrical bundle on the frame rail(also modifiable)

And there is about 3-maybe inches clearance until I'll have to notch the frame.

So is it's any wider than that I'll have to ditch the project.

if you took a 4406 and hit it with a shrink ray that made it half the size it would then look like a 1354

seriously the 4406 is about twice the size
fitting it would require alot of work including floor mods and possible frame notch

I am sure there are pics on here of the size differences.......

Is the 1354 anything in size like the AWD TC? Is the 1354 the stock TC on 91-94's?

I think the stock tcase on all the first gens was the same. But I'm allways getting the number wrong so it might not be the 1354.

Looks like I'll have to ditch the 4406.

What special tools are required when tearing down a trans?

I'm an industrial technician so ok farmilliar with gears shafts and bearings but I've never ben in a transmision.

Glacier has a 4r70w rebuild thread on here

BW 1354 was standard T case on all 4.0L Ranger and 91-94 Explorer's

similar in size to stock 5.0L AWD t case

would it be bad to use the awd tcase on my ex?

Just as a temp kinda thing until I can get time to stuff a 4406 in there.

I imagine it would be to much stress.

Thanks, I have one of those from my 93, I've not read anything about them. I would measure on the frame before killing the idea of the BW4406. It's tight in late Rangers and some Explorers, the old frames may take it. The body mounting points are all the same along the sides, the frame should be close to the 95-01's.

The AWD is an easy bolt in because it has no wires. They are good street units, but just as expensive to rebuild.

yah that's true. I'll have to find one and measure it.

But if like jaime says it's twice as big..... I only have three inches of clearance on my 1354.

Freakin junkyard busted there fork lift slave cylinder.

So there is no way for them to get the stuff on my trailer.

Said it may be fixed by the end of the week. And there not open on Saturday.

welp here is tha pic!


only one i have for now.

will get some more tonight when i yank the trans an put the engine on the stand.

Take it by a pressure washer first if you can, use engine degreaser. Good start,

acually thought of that right after I posted the pic and realized how dirty the trans was.

Since it's still on the trailer I'm gonna wheel the whole thing over to a car wash and brighten er up a bit.

Excellent, spray the engine degreaser on the area under the engine also, that makes it blow off better.

question: the car wash doesn't have a degreaser setting but It does have a tire cleaner setting, which it warns against getting on paint.

Is this the same thing or should I stick with simple green or something.?

well i went by the wash last night

after the wash, still not too clean but oh well.


this manifold has to be one of the most disgusting pieces of automotive engineering i have ever seen


Why does it have two fuel lines? i thought it was supposed to be a returnless system...



This is what its all about!!


Am i correct in assuming this is the OBDII connector?


Whats up with the 6 inch long harness to the computer? the only way i could see this workin is if the v8 exs had the comp on the firewall


And here it is with the trans yanked off and hooked to the stand.


im done for the weekend on this thing. have plans with my mom so no work to be done till next week.

good sign though: i didnt have to use pb blaster once during the whole dismantle. = good

and please forgive my wierd lookin hand, it was soakin wet and wrinkley

Very good, a little clean up help a lot. That must be a 98 model then? The OBDII connector port is under the dash, part of the dash wiring. You have the engine harness, and it connects to the under hood harness. That has three big connectors which go through the firewall into the dash harness.

The PCM is located in the firewall, I don't know if you can do it that way. Look at your firewall hard, because placing the PCM there would save you a ton of time of relocating it. I don't know what your wiring plans are, you did say that you were going to use the OBDII. If so then you need at least the other wiring harnesses for donor parts. If you could do some research and merge your 92 under hood harness with the 98 harness, that would make things easier in the long run.

It's supposed to be a 99.

Ok so that square connector is from comp to chassis/dash I see.

Guess I'll have to tear into a junkyard dash.

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The engine/trans harness you have has that one square connector, only the alternator/starter has other wiring going to it. That square connector plugs into the under hood harness, which covers everything forward of the firewall. That's where Ford made many improvements and that harness would be easier to connect to the engine and dash. I'd see about getting that and replacing your 92 under hood harness with it. Meaning use your end component connectors, but run the 98 harness out to those. That will let you use the 98 wiring diagrams to diagnose everything forward of the firewall.

BTW, the 99-01 under hood harness changed, and you need a 98 or older PCM, so try to use a 98 under hood harness. The 99-01 will work also, but then you would be mixing a couple of things about the 99+ returnless fuel system. If the 98 harness is trouble to get, the 99-01 is fine.