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Which spark plugs?

kevin p

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March 26, 2003
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Telford Shropshire England
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97 4.o sohc
After being beaten by a Nissan X-trail deisel [very pi--ed off] on a duel carriage way, i've decided to treat the Ex to some new plugs The ones that are in have done over 50,000 miles. Gonna dust off the K&N filter and try that again as well.

Anyway, anyone got a preference, recommendation for a particular type spark plug you've been happy with?

Thanks Kev.

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There are no performance gains from using one plug over another. The only gains are when you replace old plugs with new, no matter what the brand. The K&N isn't going to do much for you either.

Motorcraft or Autolite are all you need re: plugs.

Hi Kev
i'm happy with my ngk platinums bought off the bay for about £20

Ay up Jan,
Are they the PTR5D-13?

Chuck out the seats, and spare wheel also! Lol,
I would not worry- these truckers...... Soup them up also!!!
New plats should make a differance, good move!

orrr clean your maf sensor and or replace air filter, reset your ecu by removing battry + cable for 20min then go for a lil hard drive for 30min.

Ay up Jan,
Are they the PTR5D-13?

That sounds right but it's been a year +
But which ever you fit check the gap. I have it in my head 0.054" but again can't remember.

I have some NGK Iridiums and used to use plain ole copper Autolites and just tested the spark differences from them and the Autolites are much stronger when I look at them side to side using Performance Distributors Screamin Demon coil and Livewires wires. I was a bit shocked to see such a visual difference. I have to switch to Autolites in the truck to see if there is a performance difference.

I think the difference will be slight to not discernible at all, but what will be discernible is the longevity of the plug, in which the Iridium are better.

Very happy with the Performance Distributors coil and wire package. Very smooth and much less prone to pinging on my rig. I do need new valve train members to eliminate that issue.


plugs from the states cheaper ...