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Which Sport would you rather have?? Need advice quickly


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May 12, 2003
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Both 1997. Both Automatic. Both 4WD.

Option A: Black Ext, Grey Leather Int, CD, Moonroof, OHV Engine, 67k miles $7995

Option B: Red Ext, Grey Cloth Int, Cassette, SOHC engine, 41k miles $8295

Is the SOHC a MUCH better engine ? Leather vs Cloth? 26k less miles ?? Sunroof??

I just don't know :mad:

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I would go with the first one. 67K is still low for the year.

It would depend on the condition of each vehicle and whether either one had maint. records. If both are in similar shape, I would go for the red one. 30k less miles, a little more horsepower. Just my 02.

Maintenance records

Neither one has maintenance records - they are both at dealers in town. I do have the VIN for each, but the Ford website doesn't let you look at repair history unless you are the owner :(

Both are in excellent condition with minimal tire wear. The black one has room for negotiation, the red one is a non-negotiable price.

Carfax will let you check the VIN history.
If they both are in mechanically similar shape, I would go with the black one with the OHV.

the bottom vehicle will have more horsepower, but the reliabilty and the track record of the ohv far surpass that of the SOHC

I'm not sure about the track records, but another way to look at it is - would you rather have a SOHC w/ 120k or a OHV w/ 150k. I've had both engines. OHV at 120k w/ minor knocking and my current SOHC has 80k with no probs. I want and can feel the extra power when I'm driving up the Rockies. Big diff in power.


Get the black one.


Because it is BLACK !!!!

Like he said ^^^^^ get the black one just cause it's black!!

I like black, but I like the SOHC too. Look at gears if you are going to tow or put bigger tires on. Ask your dealership if ONP 00M12 and 01M01 have been performed on the bottom one.
And yeah, I like black... but then again I have a black SOHC with a few more miles (45k)

:D Food for thought
Also, one thing that has bugged me is the paint on my car looks like crap. Go over EVERY square inch of the car, look at the roof, the undercarrige, open all the doors a few times, make sure everything lines up.

Well, it appears I have choices!! Another vehicle joined the short list. $7995, Black, cloth, CD, SOHC, 1999 with 73k miles.
The miles don't really bother me all that much because I average about 10k per year. I like the idea of a 99 vs a 97. And with this one I get black :D and the SOHC.
Did the 99 have the timing chain issues?? Any thing "buggy" about the 99 SOHC's ??
Thanks for your help all.

That one in the pic is a black 99 sohc sport with 45k miles i was supposed to pay $12,900 but I paid $12 flat (with 41k miles).
I had a somewhat uncommon issue for the 99's which was a rattle coming from the rear cassets and tensioners.
With the SOHCs, its just luck of the draw. Some have it some dont.
Go over to flatratetech.com and have them do an OASIS check on each VIN of the SOHCs to see if TSBs 00M12 and 01M01 have been performed. If so, you are probably in good shape. Be warned, though, that my repair bill was about $900. It doesnt happen to everyone, some people ignore it, and a few people fix it.
Overall I love my car. With 4.10 gears it hauls some serious butt off the line. Explorers arent race cars, so topping it out and driving it like one will get you killed, but the SOHCs have some torque to put you in your seat.
I think all of the options are good, but argue over the price on the '99 if you want it, dont settle for over $7500 IMHO.
Good luck

Great info and nice truck!!
Don't think any worse of me, but I hang out at the j**p forum too!! I'm new here, but I've noticed you guys don't take to the J**p guys all that well :) . But don't worry, I go both ways :D . I've got an 81 CJ7, a 97 Expedition, and soon . . a Exp Sport. :)

I would go with option A, it's black :D Has the leather and other goodies, and has the more reliable OHV engine.

Don't sacrifice power for a few amenities. Look at it this way. The stock Ford sound system is quite good, I agree, but you can replace it with a nice MP3 player from Kenwood or someone for cheaper and then you have a better CD player plus MP3 playability. You also can get a moonroof installed, and even leather, but on an Explorer, a moonroof is kinda silly IMO, and the leather is something you don't want if you are off-roading, although I do love leather.

I'd get the SOHC just simply because it has fewer miles, and its reliability is WAY under-rated. 94K miles and going strong :cool:

while option C sounds nice, go with option A and see if you can get a warranty out of it. when i got mine, i didnt get a price drop but he did throw in another year to the warranty for me.

from what i have been told, the OHV is much more reliable..and we have 2 OHVs with no problems. also, the black with grey leather says it all. black is the color of shoice for the outside and grey leather cant be beat...i miss having a leather interior very much. i would also check the gearing in all three, but re-gearing would almost be a necessity if you plan major mods later anyways.

I agree with Majisto, people underestimate how long the SOHC will last. If you keep it up, it will last a while. The problem is ford is burying their heads in the sand and refusing to realize they put some inferior parts in the engine that greatly decrease it's life expectancy.
Dont let the OHVers bang it untill they've tried it. The SOHC is a great engine. Then again, I wouldn't mind a 5L.

oh, i'm not banging the SOHC (this is actually my first vehicle that didnt have overhead cams)...its just that we dont have any problems with our 2 OHVs and it seems like it is (was) one of teh most reliable engines on the market.

not to mention that black with grey leather is one of the best combos in my book.

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