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Which subs/amp route to take?


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April 3, 2003
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Here is a quick question. I am looking at getting a new amp. I can get a punch 500s which puts out 500 watts rms at 4 ohms to 2 12" mtx 6000a subs which handle 250watts rms each. Or I can get a planet audio REM2400 amp which puts out 800 watts rms and hook that amp up to 3 10" mtx subs which handle a total of about 650-700 watts rms.

Logically the 3 10's should be louder and hit harder right? Since there is more power to them? Just wondering what some opinions are.

How are planet audio amps compared to rockford fosgate amps?


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you can fit 3 12's if you feel up to making your own box! :cool:

go with the planet audio // thats some crazy stuff.
i got the little 300 and it pounds my 3 12's like crazy

I would buy whichever size subs you like better. I personally like the sound of 10s b/c I listen to a great array of music and it puts out good punchy, but still deep enough for most rap bass. 12s go deeper and rumble more, but for my everyday style the 10s just do me better.

IMO, base your purchase on the type of music and the result you're looking for. I do a lot of long driving so 12s or 15s are too painful for 7hr trips. But 10s can do it all really well.

So are planet audio amps good amps? Are they high quality?

I already have the subs so I will either be hooking up the 2 12's or 3 10's. I just have to decide what amp to get. I am leaning towards the planet audio amp since it puts out 800 watts rms bridged compared to the fosgates 500 watts.