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Which trans is better?


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April 10, 2000
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95 JEEP Wrangler
Which trans is better? A4LD or the M5OD? Which will hold up better behind the 4.0? I ask, because I'm thinkin about this as a swap into my jeep. Now, some would say why not just SAS an explorer with the axles I have sitting in my yard? Cause I really like my Wrangler! However, the 4cyl with the weak 5spd manual(how can it be weak, I've only got 120hp!) already been rebuilt once, I'm looking to do some swap, whether it be a direct trans swap or get me some more power. I'm looking at ease, and just getting something to drop in (i know i could use a c5) and with the ford driveline, I can easily do a doubler setup.

So what is stronger, A4LD or M5OD?

Oh, and I do have a HP d44 out of an f150 waiting to go in, it's gonna be all ford parts at some point!

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I would definitely have to say that the M5OD is stronger. A4LD and strong shouldn't even be used in the same sentence!

Well, I don't know that either one is, as they're both light duty. Luckily, if I go this route, they'll both be going in a basic YJ which is lighter than the explorer..

M5OD, no question, the A4LD should only be swapped out, never in!

I think your right, they are about the same -- but for longevity, the manual would probably have an edge over the automatic.

Honestly in a light Jeep I think a well-built A4LD may do just fine if you'd rather have an automatic. But it's gonna be a heck of a lot more expensive to do that and it still could fail on you.
I would say just throw in the M5OD with a centerforce clutch and call it a day. Should be around at least as long as that jeep.

M5OD no doubt. ive heard almost nothing but complaints from the A4LD

If they're not being used hard and just driving it the M5ODR1 would last much longer. Don't forget about a M5ODR1-HD which is built a little beefier than the regular M5ODR1.

I think its between the 4.0/M5OD/doubler setup and my 302/np435/205 for now. Gotta talk to my mechanic buddy to see. Also depends on driveline lengths so I can get my a longer rear driveshaft b/c the jeeps driveline angles out back are quite steep as it is. I already have the 302 and can get the 435 and 205 for 250 bucks, and that's also 60 more HP...