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Which Years/Models Are Direct Swaps?

Terry O.

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October 21, 2016
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Boyne City, MI
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2004 Ford Explorer EB
I have a 2004 Ford Explorer. Eddie Bauer, 4.0, AWD. It has the 5R55S transmission (tran. code V).

The transmission is bad & needs to be replaced. I've been searching the auto parts yards & classifieds for a replacement & have received a lot of conflicting info as to which vehicles/years are direct swaps.

Can any transmission gurus give me a definitive list?

I'm pretty sure 04' & 05' Explorers & Mountaineers with the 4.0 are direct swaps. Some people tell me Explorer/Mountaineer 2002 -2010 (4.0L) will fit as well as 2002 -2006 (4.6L). I've also heard that Lincoln
Avaitor 2003-2005 (4.6L) will fit.