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Whining noise coming from rear passenger side


May 26, 2015
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Pine Bush, NY
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2004 Explorer XLS
I have a doozie for you guys...

I've been living with this over the past few years...

I drive highway in my daily commute to work and every time I reach 55mph I start to hear a whining coming from my rear passenger side (around the tank area). It slowly increases in volume as I speed up then slowly fades away to nothing once I get to 70mph.

It hasn't affected my performance but I can never figure out what it is. I'm guessing it has something to do with my fuel pump.

Any ideas??

Is it more of a humming noise and is it made worse by steering left?

It's not the wheel bearing if that's where you're going. It's very much whining regardless of the direction I'm turning. Always between 55 and 70. Nothing before, nothing after.

I always thought that it was something to do with the fuel pump.

I've had this issue pop up recently.... and it's my subwoofer. First time I thought it was the rear end whining, but the next it happened the sub just went nuts and was making crazy noises. It does this every other week or so.... it's either a whining noise that increases with the amount of throttle, or it's a bubbling low frequency noise, or it's just crazy white noise. It's located exactly where you are saying the noise is coming from, so that could be your culprit.