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Whining noise


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September 23, 2007
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Got the Mr. Goodwrench dash warning light Friday morning just befofre I pulled into the office. Shut off the EX and started back up and voila!...the wrench disappeared. Went for another 5mile test run and no wrench. A few times during the day, no light but occasionally heard a quick whine throughout the day. On the way home, about 20 miles, the light comes back on. Later that day, I take it to Advance Auto and light comes back on at about 15 miles. They scanned the codes and there is no code for the wrench. Still hear the occasional quick whine. Truck seems to be running fine. Don't think the light even came on on the way home. Yesterday morning, I take the truck to get inspected and just before I pull into the shop, it starts making a continuous LOUD whining noise (startling the shop owner) (He thought transmission). The whining pitch increases with motor RPM. Well, the light is off but, if I hold the break and gently tap the gas, (while not moving) the vehicle whines in all drive gears and reverse but not neutral or park. Sounds like an old electric drill under a lot of torque and loud. Also, when I put it in 4wd LOW, the traction control light comes on too . (is it supposed to? I can't remember). Ford should include a dollar sign ($) as one of their dash warning lights. Had the tranny rebuilt in Sept. and still under warranty. Could this be the transfer case ? I would think that the TC would only make noise when moving? Truck does not seem to be slipping even though I only did a few quick checks at home. Also, no leaking noticed at parking areas, can't check the danm fluid because its a sealed unit(smart thinking FORD) Going to try to get it into the shop tomorrow. It's a Ford XLT, 4dr, 4.0, Any info would be greatly appreciated.

never mind i miss read the post.

4 low will turn traction control off.

the whine can be a pump whine.