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White `92 X w/ CobraR's - 17's or 18's?

I have a 1992 White X that will have a 5"/6" drop.

I can't decide on if I want to go with 17 or 18 rims. Either way they will be Painted/Powdercoated White. I like the monochrome look.

I am leaning towards the 18" rims shown here:

Any reason I shouldn't get them?

I realize the ride will be a bit more harsh with the 18's over the 17's, but the REALITY is this: X's aren't Caddilac's, and shouldn't be expected to ride like one, ESPECIALLY an X with a 5"/6" drop.


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If this were a democracy........I'd demand a recount. Then a hand recount. Then question if they all were counted......wait, that's just what we do HERE in Washington.


Hi Spdrcer34:

I'd get the 18's. You're in luck, because these days, the white 18's seem to be going for just a little over $200 a set plus shipping on Ebay. I'm looking to get some 18" '03 Cobras for my Ex, but they aren't selling that cheap yet. I bid on one set, but they went for $360. D'oh!


I don't think I would get white,
Unless you get a fresh paint job.
I think the 2 whites won't look good together since your wheels will be nice and shiny brand new, and your paint is probably a little dull from being so old.

I have to install a rollpan, shave the hatch (incl. 3rd brake light), and shave the doors.

Yeah, I am getting it painted. Don't worry.


I think I'll go with 18's!

Now I just discovered some OTHER awesome rims....18" Saleen rims! They look kinda similar to the Cobra R's but the rim area looks a bit different they way it is 'stepped' back a bit....looks good on the the 2nd Gen.....but I don't know how it will look on a 1st gen.


man i looked in to rims like that... looked at SVT, Saleen, and Roush... i thought the Saleens looked the best. too bad they dont come in 20's(well "i" didnt find any in 20's) or i might of gotten them instead of the 22's i had ordered