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White Explorer Black Rims...opinions

hey everyone! Pretty soon this spring Ill be in the need for some new tires. So ive been thinking that instead of buy a new set of rims for my jeep Ill get some for the explorer when i buy new tires. I want to kno what everyone thinks of a white 3rd gen. limited ex with a new set of cragar soft8s?? And most likely ill be wrapping them in BFGs rugged trails. heres a pic of my ex now...


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that will look sweet....what size bfg's? 265/75/16?

I would not do it. I only like black rims on black or dark gray trucks.

Never been a big fan of white but do like white trucks with black wheels--should look great. I have Black Rock Crushers on my Ex now and they get lost with the green paint.

Would look nice with that black push bar up front a little more contrast. You could also tear off the old factory running boards and put on so black nerf bars and that would complete it very nicely.

Black wheels looks nice even on pink cars.

lift my 04

hey how would i lift my o4 explorer xlt just a few inches

search, search, search. search 04 or 2004 suspension lift or body lift etc. it works! :p: