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White letters in or out?

I'm going to buy a new set of tires (don't know what kind yet), and I just wanted y'all's opinion on whether I should go for the white letter tire look or keep it all black? I know it's ultimately MY decision in the end, but I was just wondering what you all thought. Thanks.

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There are a few polls on this board on what people like. For me, it depends on the rims you have, the color, and overall look of the truck. For most offroaders I recommend black out.

Yeah, I've seen my share of polls on the topic, Alec. My current tires are blacked out but look like crap because they're of cheap quality that were bought by the previous owner of my vehicle right before they sold it to me (Durasteels from Buffalo Tire Co). I'm more of a streeter anyhow, but I guess I'll just make up mind eventually come tomorrow.

Just to give you an idea...


well seeing your truck i think you should stay black out. nice truck btw!!

Hey man, it all depends on what u like and what kind of tires/rims. Personally i like the raised whites because it brings attention to ur tires and rims.

I like the white out. Show's off the brand i guess. Just my preference though.

I like the white raised letters out on trucks. But black out looks good for more of a streeter look.

i like black out it looks a lil more tough. :D if u running black wheels it'll look a little more stout if u running stock wheels white out looks more streetish.

White Out- just keep 'em clean. If you're on the lazy side like me, black out.:)

Well I forgot about this thread...I ended up getting white outlined letter tires, and they look really good in my opinion. To see the new pictures go to my homepage or click the link in my sig, and tell me what you think.