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White Smoke??


December 12, 2004
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Natchitoches, Louisiana
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'92 Eddie Bauer
I just bought this truck two days ago. The guy didn't know much about it, he buys and tinkers a bit, and sells....never got a chance to check this one out, and I just HAD to have it. Was running great when I got it, then started blowing white smoke. Friend of mine says something about a fan clutch going out, and that it may have caused the head gasket to blow, or possibly cracked the heads or something. (The stuff coming out the tailpipe sure smells like antifreeze. You can smell it on occasion inside, as well). The truck did need a MAF sensor, changed that this morning, and was planning on putting on the new fan clutch and a thermostat tomorrow, but my question is: would it be worth it??? Should I just go find another motor to stick in here? It still runs decently, just missing a bit, and of course, drinking water and antifreeze. Also, I don't really see any water on the oil dipstick...any ideas??? Would be GREATLY appreciated! :(

Oh, and by the way, the truck was only $600, plus my old Blazer whose intake had caught on fire!!! Still, the blue book value on the thing, with all the little problems it has, is $2600. Not too shabby.

Not to be a smart @#$, but I don't think the blue book gives you a value for a vehicle with bad head gaskets. Realisticly, you have a $500 vehicle as it sits now needing repair.

Anyway, how many miles does the engine have on it? If it doesn't have a ton of miles, I would be tempted to pull the heads, check for cracks, and replace the head gaskets. If you are going to keep the X for any amount of time, you would want to do a valve job while you have the heads off.

It does have quite a few miles on it....165k. Do you think it would be worth it to fix this (assuming it would be the gaskets), or would I be better off dropping another motor in it? The other motor I have in mind is not NEW, by any means, in fact, it came out of a wrecked vehicle, but in the long run, do you think I should just change the whole mess and be done with it? Thanks so much for helping...btw, I don't think it's a smart a** reply, just honest!! :)