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WhiteXplurr gets a makeover

WhiteXplurr gets a makeover (UPDATED)

Ok once again I got bored with the old white X and decided to paint it an obnoxious color... and new update is im painting it black and losing the blue.

here are the pictures of it.

New mods from the 3 thousand other ones...

Newer fogs behind grill,
22" Spinners
4 15" audiobahn flame Q's
2 1300 watt Audiobahn 1300 HCT amplifiers
500 watt audiobahn amp
4 Kicker door speakers
4 Infinity door speakers
Diamond Cut Headlights
Pioneer Touch Screen In-Dash
More worthless mods I don't feel like listing.

10000k HID kit
Matching LED turn and running lights
Diamond Corners
NEW diamond cut headlights
Crystal Clear Tails w/ red LED's as brake light (so brakes arent PINK)
New Chrome Billet Grill
And new chrome trim (Also called a grill...the part that goes around your lights)

BTW, I need info on a new motor.. how much would a new 302 cost? and how much would a new 4.0 ohv cost? Including being installed?


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Rear & Side


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Other Mods


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Speaker Gallore


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Oh yeah, and for those of you who remember my friend with the black explorer on the 20's you guys all made fun of? He's doin it big

22" Black rims, with Chrome spinners.
Black grills,
New fogs,
Fogs behind grill,
New window tint


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Let me know what you think>

Oh yeah skip the "Color is gay" Understand that sometimes street explorers want to be different. Although stock explorers came with a much lighter blue, no other explorer has my paint. I like blue, as it matches every light in my truck and headlight bulbs, etc. Some people like exotic wierd colors, others do not.

I do plan on painting it black and putting either 23" Davin Blak series spinners or 22" Davin Streetspins. Haven't decided.

Too much bling? I apologize, I like it.

Blueberry X .... haha

WhiteXplurr said:
I do plan on painting it black

I think I would maybe keep it blue, just accent it with another color. Like maybe return the bumper molding back to gray.

I've always wanted a black X. I'll consider it though.

how come you dropped so much on new paint (im assuming it was expensive, it looks pretty dang nice) and now youre just gonna paint it again? its pretty crazy and not something i would do but you did a good job with it

also in your 5.0L thread you asked how much a rebuilt 5.0L would cost, you never said your truck was not a 5.0L already. a 5.0L conversion is very expensive, but since your truck is a Gen II you can basivcally buy a 96 or 97 5.0L truck and park it next to yours and swap everything over.
So anywhere from $1200-10,000 depending on how you do the conversion.

A rebuilt 4.0L OHV installed is about $1200 average

bling ma'flubin bling ..

Wow..a complete change of color.....impressive..It really looks good...did you do the paintjob?

i REALLY love the color..looks awsome dude..good job. what color is it BTW? very clean looking!!

both yours and his explorers are awesome, i really like that lights in the grille, keep it up!

Actually guys the paintjob only cost $600. It's a low-end paintjob. I mean it looks good in person but the pictures glorify it.

You guys are makin me consider keeping it blue, I'd have to paint my davins to match though.

It also appears a LITTLE lighter in person than in the pictures. I'd like it a tad bit darker. But I appreciate all the comments, A lot of my friends tell me it looks "gay". Not sure how a blue X on spinners is in any way shape or form gay but oh well.

Also, there are some spots where I did body work on the doors (shaving the locks and rear whiper, emblems, etc.) where it is kinda wavy. This bothers me, I'd like to flatten it out, re-paint it and I think I'd be happy. I shaved the locks because one got drilled out and my system stolen last winter. I welded metal behind the locks, and bondo'd in the holes. Not bad for a "noob" right?

Well anyway, how much would it cost for pop locks and to shave the handles... Assuming i do very little or no work myself, as I'd like to dedicate my time to working and college comming soon, not my Ford Explorer.

or at the very least shaving the door handle on the back hatch?

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i think it looks great the way it is... i also think black on a show vehicle is like shooting yerself in the foot. i also really like those black 22's with chrome spinners :thumbsup: