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Who has a flip down DVD system?


March 15, 2003
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Oceanside, Ca
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2003 XLT
i have a 2003 xlt and i'm looking for a single piece overhead Flipdown dvd sytem. anyone has any suggestions, advice, pictures? I don't have a sunroof and i want to be able to pickup tv channels and play cd's as well and maybe around 6.5 to 7.5 in size.


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Spend some time on ebay and look around to see what you would like. Buy a ps2 for entertainment and it also plays DVD's. But thats up to you. If you do a search you might be able to come up with some stuff on this...

I have the indash flip up with headrest screens. I know that there are factory options that are one piece. Do a little searching and you will find one.

in my opinon

i like the eclipse and the panasonic screen for the money panasonic is the way to go they offer a bigger screen but the same pixels as the eclipse check out this web sight @ Dead Link Removed and @ Dead Link Removed === hope this will help you i realy enjoy mine and what was said about the playstation 2 for the dvd is ok but they do skip sometimes and are not made for the truck i have one in mine but its for playstation games only see ya let me know if i can help you with anything more mcgyver the tip guy


thanks for your responses, very helpful! update:
Dead Link Removed

what do you think?

please don't be afraid to give me some feedback or better suggestions.


Check out Car Discount Stereos

They have a 13.3 and some 10" drop downs for about the same price. They don't include the DVD, but I'm sure you could get one and hook it up to it.


ok, i went to 'Best Buy' today and found the best deal ever! i was told that the 'Pyle' dvd system was inexpensive, but not of good quality. here is the website of the dvd system that i will be getting:

give me your advice, thanks

I was thinking of doing the same thing on my X. But I have one question. Is it possible to put a flip down model on an X with the rear climate control?


check out the link above.

heres a pic:


Wonder what that goes for?

Looks like I have to be nice to my wife for a while. LOL