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who likes their Q logic custom boxes?

October 21, 2003
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I am trying to decide if I should spend the money and get a q logic custom 10 inch box for my 94 but I just cant decide, does everybody who has them like theirs? I like the idea of having all my cargo room back and all but i just wanna know how the sound quality and everything is. thanks for everybodys time !


I have an Image Dynamics ID10 in the JL Audio Vantage box that goes in the same place as the Q-Logic. I absolutely love it!!!! It's much better than I expected and I still have all my cargo space!

I've had my Q-Logic Q Customs box on 3 Explorers with a JL 10W4. If you want stealth, and don't want to sacrifice cargo space, you can't to wrong with a Q-Logic, Stealthbox, JL advantage, or similar...