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Who made red lift coils?


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August 24, 2002
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I got a pair of 4" lift coils for free that were on an older Ranger. I don't think the kit was from skyjacker. Any idea how I could identify these coils?

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rancho perhaps???..:scratch:

Yup Skyjacker and Rancho painted their coils red

Fabtech is blue

Superlift i think is yellow
could be black tho

Eibach's are red too, aren't they?

Krylon made red coils as well, also green, blue, black, grey, pink, orange....

Point is, what does it matter what color they are, lift coils should measure the same and be interchangable with any same size lift kit.

The color is original because the coating is scratched to the metal and it is more than paint.

The reason I want to know is all these manufacturers use different spring rates.

I have had Eibachs that were gray in the past. I wish the would just label or stamp them.

Thanks for the replies

I would imagine you would want some kind of way to test the spring rate then.

But rancho and skyjacker are the only factory red coils I know of.

I have had Eibachs that were gray in the past.

Maybe its just their coilover shock coils that are red then. :scratch:


I had some of their drop coils on a previous vehicle, and I'm pretty sure they were black.