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Who makes the best and most complete 5R55W rebuilt kit?

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October 5, 2004
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'02 4.6 4x4 XLT
A month or so ago my original 5R55W went bang and for the most part quit driving.... so I bought a used trans from a local fellow on cragislist and installed it to keep it going for a while. I can tell its not all that great, so I'm going to be rebuilding my original 5R55W.

Who makes the best and most complete rebuild kit for it?

I've seen the Ford/Motorcraft kit only has the soft parts + steels + clutch packs.... seems like transtec may be the same.

When I rebuilt my E4OD several years ago I picked up a kit that had not only the soft parts, clutches, and steels but also had the bushings and bearings. The only things not included were the selective bushings/snap rings, which can't be known until the rebuild is in process.

I'd like to find a complete kit like this...

And I'm seeing borg warner may make the best bands??? Can anyone confirm which bands/clutches are best?

I've read and reread the Electrican's thread, but it really did not answer my questions... http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=318184