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Whooping noise from 06 Mountaineer


August 24, 2008
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San Antonio, TX
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2006 Mountaineer Premier
2006 Mountaineer Premier, V8 AWD.

I'm getting a whooping noise that sounds like it's coming from the right rear side. Noise is intermittent, and most closely resembles the start-up of a police car siren. (No cops behind me!) Noise lasts about a second, although on rare occasion it will drag on for a little longer than that.

It happens regardless of whether I'm driving, stopped at a light, or in park.

I can't forcibly replicate the noise or predict when it will happen. If there were some kind of a pneumatic load leveling system in the rear end, I'd suspect that since the noise could almost pass as air leaking out. (No beans for lunch.) It's definitely coming from the back end of the car and sounds like it's on the inside.

It doesn't sound like the same pitch as the back-up sensors. I also considered possible venting from the gas cap, but the noise happens regardless of tank level, temp, humidity, etc. Only other thing back there is the subwoofer, but I'm pretty sure it makes the noise regardless of whether the stereo is on or off.

Dealer couldn't replicate it, so no luck getting it fixed yet.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Also have "whoop"

I just bought a 2006 Explorer last week and have the same intermittant "whoop". My vehicle seems to whoop when I am excelerating or rounding a bend, so I was thinking I have a bare wire somewhere that is contacting the frame, setting up one of the alarms. If anyone has fixed a similar "whoop:, Id be interested in what it was.

i had a whooping noise in the front of my 96 , i rotated the tires it went away ,for a bit , than the noise moved, i looked at the tire ,it looked like a bad belt, and than replaced it,, no more noise,, :thumbsup:

Took it in again for the whooping noise/groaning problem, and the dealer wants to think it's everything BUT what I've described. Wind noise (replaced weatherstripping on a FRONT door), even though I've told them that it's coming from the rear end and I don't have to be moving for it to make the noise, aftermarket stereo (but it was doing it before I installed the aftermarket stereo), and they keep referring to it as a "pop" when I keep telling them it's a "whoop." I even printed out posts from several other owners have the same problem and gave them to the service rep to show that I'm not the only one having this problem. Yet there's apparently nothing in the Ford database of anyone else having this problem.


#s 66 and 73 at http://www.carcomplaints.com/Ford/Explorer/2006/transmission/transmission_lunges_hard_jolt_when_shifting.shtml

If you have had this same problem and got it fixed, please let me know what your dealer did to solve it. It's not a something I can voluntarily replicate or predict when it will occur, so troubleshooting is tough. I'm thinking of riding in the 3rd row whenever my wife and I are in the car together so that if it makes the noise, I can pinpoint where it's coming from. Otherwise, I'm at a loss, and my dealer is too (or he doesn't want to deal with it.)


Another follow-up: Found the following posted by someone else at http://ford.justanswer.com/explorer/1cx7g-own-2006-ford-explorer-xlt

Trying to see if the noise happens when rear AC is on. So far, only hearing it when it is off, so the guy who wrote this may be onto something. Anybody else?

there is a noise that I think may be yours ---see if this sounds right -- if you have rear a/c , there is a valve in that system -- this valve may make noise when the front a/c is on low blower and the rear a/c is off , it makes the noise more in this mode-- it will happen at any speed and make this hoot sound and you can not tell if its from the front or the rear --- to disprove my theory ,, try to see if the noise is there with or with out the a/c on --- if by turning the a/c off and driving and the truck and it never makes the noise ,, then I am on to something --- if it still makes the noise with the a/c off ,, well then I was wrong -----take your time and get back to be me ---noise problem are hard to diag , especially on the web ,,​

I first noticed the whooping noise on our way back to Calgary from Minnesota this summer. I first thought it was wind noise but, as noted by others, it can happen any time at any speed. Tonight it happened pulling into our driveway. The A/C was not on at the time (Calgary, mid-September, 8:15 PM, altitude 3500 feet - it gets cold when the sun goes down). The noise definitely is coming from the rear part of the vehicle and it does sound like it is inside. Strangest car noise I ever heard. Should I be concerned about it?

I cant help with the wooping noise but i did have luck convincing a dealer of a problem with video clip using my Cell Phone. I took this other truck (jeep) in as it would just die anytime/speed etc. Service writer came back and said no problem found (no codes), but I pulled out my phone showed her that the check engine light comes on, hear the buzzer? They couldn’t dispute there was a problem. They wound up changing the CPS sensor which fixed it.

So I sat in the way back for a little while and listened for the noise. I think the post that I found earlier about the rear AC compressor may be on the right track. The noise definitely comes from the rear LEFT side, basically in the back corner near the bumper. It also only seems to happen when the front AC is on low and the rear is off.

For gjmarr, understand temp differences in Calgary, but is it possible that you had the ac on but the temp set higher so that at least it was dehumidified air and not necessarily cold air?

Thread revival!
Has anyone found the cause, or fix, for this noise? My 2007 has been doing this for the last few months. Sounds like the same problem...random whoop noise and sometimes a groaning sound from the left side rear. I'de love to get this figured out because it's quite annoying.

I don't own the vehicle any more because of a separate transmission issue that was fixed 4 times under warranty and as soon as we hit 36K, Ford stopped covering the repairs even though it's a known problem (with a TSB). (LONG story, culminating in a Ford Cust service rep hanging up on me and refusing to return calls.)

Anyway, shortly after I traded in my Mountaineer, I was riding in a Ford Econoline van with rear AC, and wouldn't ya know it, it made the same noise! The driver thought he was getting pulled over!!! So, I would guess that it's a rear AC issue common to Ford (and Mercury) vehicles with that particular type of rear AC system/compressor. Beyond that, I have no idea. Sorry I don't have a fix for you. I will say that in spite of the noise, the rear always worked just fine.

Good luck!

I too have the same noise!

Unfortunately, I haven't figured it out either! I have a 07' Ford Explorer limited v-8 with rear air and those controls are up front. My wife heard it long before I did and she thought she was getting pulled over by th police as well. No cop in the rear view mirror. The sound does happen randomly, and go go long periods without hearing it and sometimes when it whoops, it will whoop up to half a dozen times.

I also have clicking noise that's way more frequent, but I have found that the rear air blend door actuator is broke and has stripped gears, which I'm replacing hopefully tomorrow and I also hope that the whoop sound will be cured. Anyone get their whooping cured? And how?

I just bought an '05 Mountaineer and am experiencing the same issue. I have noticed that it has occured on acceleration and am thinking that it could have to do with vacuum if the vents are vacuum controled.

whooping in ours too...

this thread is EXACTLY what i joined to ask about... has ANYONE figured out what this thing is ? would really like some assitance there are about 2-3 different "styles" of this alarm (or whatever it is) its the cop siren one, and sort of a variation on that theme and then like 3 siren bursts... none of these sounds happen at any particluar time other than at times it seems like if the AC is on AND you go over a bump while turning 'round a corner... you get the cop sound sort of backwards like instead of weee-oooo it goes ooooo-eeeee. whover DESIGNED this little system had a REAL sense of humor!

Add one more to the list...

My wife's Explorer makes the "whooping" sound too. It hard to reproduce, so I'll admit I didn't believe her at first until we had a long 4 hour trip and I heard it twice.

I'd love to know how to fix it! Any ideas?

its the ac system. its the anti ice thing, i cant remember if a reprogram or a new expansion valve. fixes this issue, i think its a reprogram of the pcm, how it controls the ac compressor.

Same issue on my '06 Mountaineer. Has anyone had success fixing the issue with a PCM reprogram or a new expansion valve?

How to Fix the Whooping/ Siren Noise

Hi all,

Like you, I have had this loud intermittent "whooping" noise coming from the back of my 2005 Ford Explorer. Everytime I took it into the dealer, they couldn't find the problem. If it's making this sound, you need to replace the HVAC Heater/ AC Module in the back. Go to www.fordparts.com and plug in your make, model to order. Unfortunately, the part is expensive ~ $250. It will be delivered to your Ford Dealer. You can have your Ford dealership fix it. They will charge ~ $800 including the module. If you are mechanically inclined, you can fix it yourself. Here's how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORWPJrI0cEk

I've had the same issue for years now. It's starting to happen more often. It will make the noise with the rear A/C turned on and turned off. It will also make the noise when the car is at a full stop.

The simple solution to this problem is to evac and refill freon. The Explorers with rear A/C hold a huge amount of freon 1.33kg. The noise is coming from the expansion valve, I believe due to a small lack of freon in the system. Almost a month has passed with out a reoccurance where as it was a daily event.

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