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whoops into a project

ok, i didn't think that i would get the rear one done today but i did. I made a console to hold cups and the sides are cut for 3.5" speaker(not shown, under the carpeting). I went to the local walmart and couldn't fond any cup holders so my friend found some in the marine section. They were like 2.32 apiece. Not to bad if i do say so myself. here are some pics. I might take friday off work and get my other leaf done. I pick my tires up next week!!




ok here is a little update, i went through alot of stuff like thinking about selling my x and what not so my final verdict is i am not selling it. But i am very pissed off at one of my leafs. My friend and i tried to replace my other leaf today and it was not happening, we got the shackle bolt out, and the 4 ubolts out. Managaed to grind the head off of the forward leaf bolt on the outside. Now i cant get the damn bolt to move. And i cant get the sawzall angled right to cut the bolt. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. If anyone has any ideas or anything please let me know. Also i got my wheels and grille painted black, it looks really good, i will post some pics later. I am planning to go by goblins house next week to pick some stuff up(coils, bushings,etc..) Also does anyone know where to get j hooks for the front coils?