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whoops into a project

ok, i found a 89-92 ranger grille for 20 bucks, i will be installing it today and posting pics up. now all i have is a bumper but i think i will just make a tube bumper for it.

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Sounds good.

Are you welding your bumper yourself? And are you replacing the rear as well?

yes i have the rear bumper already, i am not sure if it will fit, the front bumper will be made by my high school. I have had one bumper already made by them and it turned out okay. all i have to pay for is metal and thats it. The rear bumper is a black tube orw bumper for a 1993 ranger. um, my camera is dead so pics will be up in a hour or so.

Awesome, sounds great. I'm considering going back to my high school and asking them to help out with metalworking and all... although, I graduated 3 years ago... =P

here are my new pics, as you can see that my core support is damaged but i am not going to replace it because all it supports right there is the horn, let me know what you think. it is my new (used) grille.




That grille looks pretty good... I like the stock one, but I'd rather get rid of the Ford symbol on it and have a mesh grille or something similar... I suppose I'll look into one of the Ranger grilles... 89-92? And how does it fit? Any issues with mounting it?

Looks good though... However, seeing as you've bent your support, the driver's side light assembly looks to be just slightly out-of-kilter... it looks like the grille side fits alright, but the outer edge slopes away from the hoodline. Unless it's the hood that's out of alignment... Probably not a big deal, but I don't know how picky you are with the appearance...

Edit: Upon closer inspection, it looks like the outer edge fits well, and the grille side is cranked up a tiny bit...

I bent the rad support on my BII EXACTLY like that years ago, I pulled it back straight after removing both lights and its 100% fine, but plan on bending that sucker back into shape after removing the trim, lights, and fender

it fit just fine, but yea the headlight stopper on the threaded piece is gone so it is not straight. Also the hood is probably way out of alignment. Froader so you just cut the core support right where mine is bent? What was the point of doing this? I am still also debating the 2 inch body lift as well. 89-92 ranger grilles are the same as the 91-94 x grilles.

Well I posted the link to my thread, but here is my pic. I am not using that piece under the grill and bezels anymore so I cut all that stuff away and cut the fenders.


where did you put the horn or did you just take it out? also i noticed the recovery hook, is that welded and bolted? you have a real nice looking x

going and buying probably 4-6, 5-6 inch lights, 2 for the roof rack and 2 for the bumper, 2 for the back. most likely going to be procomps.

I'm a Hella and Bosch man myself... I would looooove to have a big set of round yellow fogs mounted... on a roof rack... along with a set of whites... and get a Ranger grille and mount rectangular yellow ones in it... and white/red ones in the back... Mmmm, lights...

All the lights I've ever had have been free so I don't really care what kind I get. :D I don't even use the ones on my truck. Night runs I'm usually behind someone so I don't need them on.

Hahahaha... I get a set of rectangular Hellas for my old car... I paid $5 apiece at the junkers... never got them fully wired in though... when I tested them off the battery they were bright as hell though... ^_^

should i get the 55 watt or the 100 watt lights? Also do you guys think it is a good idea to have 4 facing forward and 2 facing rear? also bought a can of bed liner tonight, i am going to be spraying the rocker panels. Also i think i am going to cut my rad support and fenders like froader. Do you have any tips on how and what to do?

I think if you can power 100 watt lights, get em... I think they should put out more light... and I would say yes on the rear lights. They may not make much difference normally, but any backing up in dimly lit areas will be a lot easier...

As for bed liner, go for it. I can't make any suggestions about the fenders and all though... when I make up my bumpers I'm bringing them up on the sides to get a little more clearance, and I'm hacking off the little part at the bottom just behind the rear wheels... the little chrome bit. It does nothing but make the body lines flow more, but I like the idea of having the front and rear up high. Besides, I'll be running custom bumpers front and rear, so it'll give me a couple inches of clearance around the wheels... I will probably make some sort of overriders or guards to mount on the bumpers for city driving... that way if I hit a little Honda or something I can destroy the bumper rather than the wheels... or worse, drive up onto the hood of the other car...

ok hear is a little update. i have been a little busy today but managed to grab some bedliner and shoot my x up.




and for a later project

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you like them pink wipers ?